If you think you’ve found the house of your dreams, or if you’re ready to sell the house you’re in, a thorough home inspection is key.

For sellers, the results of an inspection can be comforting to someone who tours your home and expresses interest. It also speeds up the closing process and reduces the likelihood of renegotiations. For buyers, inspections provide the information you need prior to signing a deed. Consider that there are approximately 135 million homes in the United States. Of those homes, approximately 30 million have serious safety issues such as damaged plumbing or gas leaks, six million have lead paint, and another six million have structural problems.

Before you go too far into the process, let Cumberland Inspection Services help. We can help evaluate the condition of the house, and provide you with a detailed report. When you contact us to book an appointment, we’ll do our best to be respectful of your scheduling needs. At the inspection itself, we’ll review the roof, attic, walls, foundation, basement, and the visible structure. We’ll also check the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical systems, and more. Once we finish, we’ll go over the data and provide you with a report that’s easy to understand.

By relying on our extensive experience as a certified inspector, you can move forward with your sale or purchase with peace of mind. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.