Mold Inspections are completely different from the traditional Home or Business Inspection. All of these Inspections involve a visual aspect of course, but the Mold Inspection requires taking air samples and possibly physical samples of questionable materials. So, in the Mold Inspection scenario, the Inspector must, quite often, put himself at risk of coming in contact with potential Mycotoxins. Risking his own health and well-being to find an answer for the client.

Air samples are the lowest risk factor for the Inspector in a Mold Inspection. If the inspector suspects the environment inside the dwelling might be contaminated, then he should take the sensible precaution of wearing a respirator and possibly a body suit for proper protection. Taking air samples during a mold inspection are important for many reasons. Mold spores are not visible to the naked eye. And most mold spores can only be identified through laboratory analysis of the air samples. 

Cumberland Inspection Services utilizes a professional laboratory with highly qualified personnel who inspect our samples in a controlled laboratory to test and identify these spores. Having samples analyzed can also help provide evidence of the scope and severity of a mold problem, as well as aid in assessing human exposure to mold spores. Cumberland Inspection services recommends air testing after remediation also, to help ensure that all mold has been successfully removed.

Typically, air samples are taken inside as well as outside of the dwelling for comparison. Two samples from outside are usually acquired, one from the windward side and one from the leeward side of the dwelling. This helps to provide a more complete picture of what is in the air and therefore what may be entering the house through windows and doors at times when they are open.

Moisture intrusion, water damage, musty odors, apparent mold growth or conditions conducive to mold growth are all common reasons to suspect mold growth and are all exactly why you should contact Cumberland Inspection Services. Our special working relationship with our testing facility allows us to guarantee a 24 hour turn around time on all test results under normal conditions. Our reports are very thorough and easily interpreted. 

We always perform our tests in conditions that are conducive to giving us the most accurate results possible. Therefore, Cumberland Inspection Services will not perform outdoor testing in improper weather conditions. Severe thunderstorms or unusually high winds can affect the sampling and analysis results. High winds or changes in barometric pressure increase the difference in air pressure between the interior and the exterior, which can increase the variability of airborne mold-spore concentration. Large differences in air pressure between the interior and the exterior can cause more airborne spores to be sucked inside, skewing the results of the sample.

Regardless of the situation, Air or Physical sampling is at the heart of Cumberland Inspection Services Mold testing program. A comprehensive approach involving both types of testing is our general path to finding the most accurate results. Our clients’ health is dependent upon this approach, and so is our reputation as the local leaders in Mold Testing.

If you suspect that you may have a mold issue, call Cumberland Inspection Services today and schedule a professional Mold Inspection to make a final, accurate determination.