1. Why It’s Important To Get a Mold Inspection

    When you think about home safety, what things come to mind? Changing batteries in your smoke detector? Having an escape ladder for your second-story bedroom? What about making sure you have functioning radon detectors? When most people think of home safety, getting a mold inspection is rarely top of mind. However, when it gets out of hand, mold can be a very serious problem for the structure of yo…Read More

  2. Choosing the Right Home Inspector

    For most people, buying a home is the single most important transaction they will ever make. Far too often, home buyers make a mistake by choosing the wrong home inspector. And sometimes, home buyers will make the ultimate mistake and choose no home inspector at all. In fact, this happens in 20% of all real estate transactions. However, those home buyers who have done their due diligence quickly l…Read More